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Mizu Asobi
Asobi Seksu Lyrics

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umi no naka ni iku to
itsumo hashai de iku
hayaku to yonde iru
ato o kakete iku
kakete iku...

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Asobi Seksu's song Mizu Asobi talk about going into the sea and having fun while doing it. The lines say that whenever one goes into the sea, they always go with a happy and cheerful mood. The second line says that the person is calling their friends to hurry up and join them in the sea. They are eager to dive into the water and have an enjoyable time. The last line says that they are going deeper and deeper, chasing something or someone, but the meaning can also be open to interpretation.

The lyrics of Mizu Asobi are very playful and cheerful, symbolizing the essence of summer fun. The words express a happy-go-lucky, carefree attitude towards life, where one can forget all their worries and immerse themselves in joyful experiences. The song is an ode to enjoying one's life to the fullest, regardless of the situation or life's difficulties. The song encourages people to appreciate and cherish the simple moments of happiness.

Line by Line Meaning

umi no naka ni iku to
When I go into the sea

itsumo hashai de iku
I always go in cheerfully

hayaku to yonde iru
It is calling out to me, quickly

ato o kakete iku
And I am racing towards it

kakete iku...
Racing towards it...

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