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I Fly
by Cansei de Ser Sexy

Last night, I turned into a fly
I got through your window and I landed in your eye
You were sleeping, you didn't mind
So I flew further down, inside your opened mouth

Down your throat, I tickled around
And then you cough me out, oh yeah, you cough me out
I hid behind the curtains till you fell asleep again
I just hope you understnad, I just wanna be your friend

Out on the street, inside a rubbish bin
Or a garbage can, depends on where you live
Oh, I live nowhere, now I'm a fly
I fly around, I fly around

And you will see me, hanging around
Outside your flat, inside your car, behind the chair
Well, everywhere
I'll be everywhere you are, just to let you know
I've been watching you around
You really oughta know

I fly around, I fly around
I fly around, I fly around
I fly around, I fly around
I fly around, I fly around

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