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Darlingside Lyrics

We call that old cabin the Whippoorwhill
Drawing up plans from wicker thrones
All of the best ideas they come from you
You let me find them on my own
And we parade them into every room
And when you leave I let them go

All my kingdom for a weekend
All our kingdoms slip away

Another draft in your apartment
Catch the smell of rust and pine
Mixing in winter coffee cansiters
Gin up a spell that stalls for time

All my kingdom for a weekend
All our kingdoms slip away

All of your favorite time it comes from me
So you put it on your calender
Try to save it in your phone

All my kingdom for a weekend
All our kingdom slip away

Contributed by Juliana O. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


I always say the same thing when I watch their videos, it's criminal how overlooked these guys are.


Just heard them on tnis is us. Awesome harmony. So many talented u recognized musicians on you tube. Love finding them.


My favorite song by one of my favorite bands! Never gets old.

Linda King

I have been playing their CD on the way to work for over a year! Last night I saw them for real....OM Goodness they are just amazing !...brought the house down at Union Chapel which I was so to be part of the night....

Jon Hill

Don't you mean they 'Blew the House Down' ;)

Hideyasu Yūki

Their voices blend together so beautifully

Barbara S Henry

Their performance at the Philadelphia Folk Festival was one of my favorites of the weekend. I had never heard of them before. Musically talented with sweet tight harmony. Thank you guys and thank you for booking Darlingside.

Abi Eyre

They’re all so adorable! This is an amazing sound too! I don’t know how big they are at all. But they should come play for the special needs schools I work at for any relative songs it would be sooo cute.


Great song and absolutely great harmonies.

Link Union

Sounds great guys!

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