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Senior Living
Röyksopp Lyrics

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Austin Skarbo

I made up some lyrics ...

Senior Living - Röyksopp


you will be the alive in me
waking me up
awaking the secrets
of you and me-e-e-e
we will consume-e
time, as we know it
faith, as we show it

we will be
the masterpiece
of this time
of this moment

we will be
nothing can stop us


we will be
for always

we will be
a moment
stamped in time

we will be

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If PInk Floyd and Air had a love child this is what it would sound like. Epic.

HIgher Forc3

hahhahahaha :)))

Prashanth VG

Few songs take us into different world. This  is one of the best out there! 

Adrian Avitia

also pink floyd-marooned 😄


This track along with Shores of Easy are among the best Røyksopp has created so far. Their early stuff is really fun and distinct in the best ways also, but these two songs hits a different spot that sits deeper for me. I'll never forget hearing Shores of Easy on a live stream from L.A. three days after having seen Røyksopp live in S.F. They said they had composed it in the hotel room that morning after their concert the night before, and before the morning interview. Probably didnt sleep at all showing up in pajamas. KCRW might still have that interview up somewhere.

I take everything literally

Instant like. That intro spoke to me in ways very few songs do.


Royksopp just keeps getting better...
Cheers from West Texas

Adrian Avitia

el paso?


All my stress has suddenly left me

Greg Brookman

Astonishing track. Some of their best work. That part at 3:26 when the voices come in....pure bliss! :)

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