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Das Malefitz
Faunts Lyrics

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Alexios Komnenos

I get strange feelings when I listen to this. Strange thoughts too, like I might wander off into the mountains and not come back.

Dean Brownlie

If you find a sphere that glows a light green and hovers, whatever you do don’t touch it

Nova Verse

That´s how Mass Effect 3 ending felt as well.

Kitty Love

Yeah, same kind of?


That actually describes this song so well. x')


WTF, so true.

Matt Chansler

haha I heard this in a restaurant and I was like "Wait a minute....that sounds really familiar!"


Another one of those moments when the future becomes real.


@Tlot Pwist lols

Tlot Pwist

@sw00py_ "I'm Zach Jones and this is my favorite restaurant in [town name]. Can i get a discount now?"

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