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Leaving Earth
Clint Mansell Lyrics

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Wildlife HD

Once you hear this music you will never forget it and will come back to it. Respect


You know... i hate THAT they ended the Shepard storyline.... but despite that, i love HOW they did it. This song runs chills, shivers, and all the feels down my spine. Trying real hard not to cry. This song is worth it though.

Nathaniel Hill

I heard about Mass Effect a while ago, my friend told me to play it and I was like "Yeah, maybe when I get the chance I will" Last year I pick it up on steam for like 5$, but still didn't play it. I saw my brother play it and was like "Okay it looks interesting" I started a game when my brother started ME2, and loved it. Just last year I finished the entire trilogy and now it is on the top of my list for games. To this day I don't understand how I never heard of Mass Effect. 10/10 with every game, idc what people say, ME3 was amazing and it ended the trilogy exceedingly well in my opinion.


Loved the third, really tugs on your heart strings 😕😕


It was when a period when games were truly amazing. Maybe I am just nostalgic

Stephanie's Apple

Clint Mansell's music is in so many things I love. It's kinda crazy really.

Shadow Flame


Fullest Auto

People, please comment more songs like this so that we can all enjoy

Easy Ez

Them feels. I still see FemShepherd looking away after seeing those two shuttles get destroyed:/

Cptn Hero

clint mansell, first experience with him was Moon...hes so damn great

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