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Mr. Consular Man
Israel Vibration Lyrics

I've been away in another land For over nine years
Had to return to Jamaica now To set my way clear
I had to go to the embassy
To be interviewed by men of authority
Who didn't want to see I go Through
So they did all that they could do Just to slow I down
Harsh authority was impound
So then I realise I was bound in a jam down
For so long, for so long,
For so long, so long, long, long, long
You Mr. Consular man, how come you de pon mi
Case so long I know deep in your heart
You don't want to see me Go through
So you started to do, that which you do best
Being a pest to I, Being a pest to I
You start by asking a whole lot of questions
And even when you get the right anwser
You don't seem to be satisfy
So you ask the same question again
Thinking maybe I got no brain to know
You want to kris cross my mind
To use your immigration fine
I didn't say nothing wrong I didn't do nothing wrong
You made your own clue
Because you didn't want I to go Mr. Consular Man
How come you hold on to I man.
A lot of man try to sojourn the land
And when they reach up to your hand
All you do is spoil their plan
I'm wondering if you are human
Mr. Consular Man, Where is your humanitarian?
Next thing you start with your computer
And so you start to type I a letter
Everything was in your favour
You also had a faulty behaviour
Mr. Consular Man, How come you hold on pon I man?

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Danilo montalvo hilarion

music mistyc ,muy profesional respetos israel vibration

David Samborn

ça c'est du reggae la grande classe

isaac santos


Donte Gilliam

99999999999999999% PURE ROOTS MUZIK!!!!!!


For so long long long long!⏰

Marco Chinchilla


kris dub

a thought to sir carl ayton a very big drummer big up

Galaxy Glory

Om!!!🙏Vishnu narayana🙏Lakshmi devaya🙏om!!! Indira⚡agni🔥 Vayu 💨 surya ☀ Soma🌕 om namah shivaya💢 om!!! brahma&Vishnu&Shiva🔱 hare Krsna 🍯🌍👼🔱 Goloka🌐 Garuda ✨🐦✨ 👑💀👅Kali 👅💀👑 parvati&Durga the Black Virgin🔮 Prajapaty Daksa 🙏🔅.indian-Arya peoples🌍 Gond Sindhu👺🙏® Jah😇🙏 baro than!!! Take Cool!❄ World 🌏 Peace everybody, Peace 🌼 Chill😎 om!!!🙏

Rodney Channel.

2022 listening,

Philhippie Skunky


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