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So What
Miles Davis Lyrics


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After the intro
Bass: hey guys i have to tell you something
The rest of instruments: Sooo what
Bass: Come on guys please let me share it
The rest of instruments: Sooo what
Bass: guys is not funny when you do that
The rest of instruments: Sooo what

Damn i love/miss the good music....

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Davis Schulz


unaeK & co

Un schon wieder finde ich den Lieben Davis unter einem Musik Klassiker! Schon das 2. Mal!

Orlando SzRo

Wtf? X2 hahaha

Chirag Gupta

@Madra teach me your ways oh wise one

Simone Gentili

@imagine wagon yea, wtf

imagine wagon


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Joshua David Collins

Covid-19 Stressing You Out? Turn This On And Unwind... I'm an ex gang member now saved by The Blood of Jesus. Been out of LA for 4 years with my wife and 4 children in Arizona. God used Jazz to mellow me out. I have a 2 year old son and I named him Miles David. I am 33 and I AM IN LOVE WITH JAZZ MUSIC... GOD BLESS ALL WHO READ THIS...


Good for you my friend. Stay strong and when in doubt, just see the love in your children’s eye. Much love from a stranger in NC.

“We are born of one breath, one word.
We are all one spark, sun becoming..”

Dallas Roberts

Right on man. I too love Jesus and Jazz. So glad you found the light. Blessings to you and your family.

Shane U

there is no god

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