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Matthew Dear Lyrics

I hold
My fate
In my hands
In my hands
And I won't
Set you back
No I won't

Slow God

I'm inside a cold steam
When my memory fails me
Focus lost upon rage
Run from the surface to safety

I won't let you fall down
I won't let them hate you
Laugh in the face of the curse now
Let them come and parade you

Would you last now
Would you last now, say it

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Comments from YouTube:

Joe Puskorius

This track has higher COVID immunity than the Pfizer vaccine

Jodi Gazda

I believe you


1,2,3 - Go!!! 🚀
...whooho! 😎👣👣 👍👣👣👣

Iain Fish

Sounds so much like Sidney Samson ft Wizard Sleeve - Riverside (Let's Go). Just darker i can see he the influences in this track.....

Christos Koutsakis

BOOM! Already imagining this in a stage

I'm Informative

Inside of a stage? 🤔

Thuy Vy Do Huynh

I like the Gaiser's smell on
this <3 BOMB !!

Ларго Винч

This is mind bomb!!! Head hummer!!

Alan Gomes


Kálmán Ludányi

Brutalll !!! 💪💪💪👌

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