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Tones on Tail Lyrics

Ooh the rain
Ooh the rain

She said, time to crush this feeling
Writing very long letters as soon as it rains
Ooh the rain
Ooh the rain

To dance the night away
He watches topless pin-up faces
A million different jackpots
With a thousand different gazes

Ooh the rain
Ooh the rain
Ooh the rain
Ooh the rain

But it's time to crush this feeling
As soon as it rains
Ooh the rain
But it's time to crush this feeling
As soon as it rains
Ooh the rain

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Daniel Gaston Ash, Glenn Derek Campling, Kevin Michael Dompe

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Seems like when the weather gets wet for a few days, I find myself listening to this song.

Thirty-four years ago? I think I was a freshman or sophomore in high school being mesmerized by this music.

Sometimes I listen to TOT and Love & Rockets these days just to reflect on what exactly is the "self" throughout all these life experiences. I still feel a lot of the better 1980's music went deeper (and will last longer over generations) than most of what I've heard since then...

Time will tell. All I know is that this song comes to heart and mind every rainy season since I first listened to it.

"...but's it's hard crush this feeling, as soon as it rains..." (it's pure alchemy)

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Deb Skellington

I absolutely love this song so much. I cry every time I listen to this. It just makes me feel at peace.

Titus Pullo

Been listening to this ever since it came out and never tire of it. Pure genius, Ash. Hope the younger generation discovers you and take inspiration.

Catherine W

Me, too. I was 18-19 when it came out. Stil love this band.


I really need to thank my father for introducing me to gothic rock of the 80s.

This song is an absolute bliss to doze off to.

Jimmy D

You’re a good kid.


Bless my parents too

Eric Raepsaet

@Lex Anne 💞

Lex Anne

This ^


I can only hope that this album re-emerges for the next generation to discover. It has always been one of the most treasured of my collection.

Purple D

Can't say it re-emerged but that other dude and I have found it

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