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Claude Debussy Lyrics

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Benoit Laine

This is precisely where Pahud shines. No doubt he's a great flutist all round, as there are many others, but this kind of music and solo performance allows him to show his best. Emotional, but not overdone, lots of nuances, a personnal interpretation but with lots of musicality and nothing superfluous or gratuitous.

Mariana Plesea

@Jophiel Nicholls i

Zsolt Raduska

@Angels he ALWAYS sounded like a native American pan flute.
He always had a squeezes whistly ambouchure and a disgusting continuos vibrato. He never could play from the soul....


y'll talking about how Galway plays like y'll seen him play from the beginning... do keep in mind dude's old as shi now there a lot that he can no longer do now or even 7 years ago that he could say 15 or even 20 years ago...

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Carline Higgs

I have listened to at least 5 different performers play this and Pahud did the absolute best.

✨Precipitation Lane✨

I'm playing this solo at school.... how the heck am I supposed to make it sound just as beautiful?? ( ;A; )


so how'd it go

Kate Park

Howd it go? (5 years late)

Michael Holly

An excellent satin bow tie does wonders for breath control.

Lily Hutchins


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