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Black Star
by Yngwie Malmsteen


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Comments from YouTube:

han nizam

the person who will dislike black star will be disliked by blackstars!

Chris Davies

total ageement

bobowrath sovine

glad to see this finally on youtube in its entirety

travis manzano

Iam 34 years old...been plying since I was 6....called a virtuoso and learned now your ships are burned entirely by 17. Phrygian mode master yngwie, lord of shred and masterful song composition. I have this to say and ask. Terrible now are the days that masters such as yourself and we also know who to attribute to this list....but alas the age of music is gone. Technique, dedication ans composition is no longer appreciated. We are de-evolving, essentially moving backwards if you will in the music industry....simplicity is king....catchy songs reign supreme...and god forsaken rap music shitty punk rock and basic penatonic pukes run the rock genre now which is BASICALLY no longer i am a grown man now who dedicated my life to yngwie and the greats...only to be UNABLE to make a living off of the THOUSANDS of hours of playing as a child til now. What do u think yngwie? When will the industry come back to glory, or am I and my children stuck to see the degradation of something so beautiful and fulfilling? You are a gift from God, this album is STILL an inspiration to me and to see my 2 year old son Azrael eyes widen, a smile stretch upon his face as the music fills his ears and soul is a great gift. He asks "wow daddy what is that!?" I say "an inspiration to daddy and a great man who has gifted the world with an undying gift." Thank you yngwie and God bless you.

V Gr

I'm 19 and i'm starting to learn neoclassical pieces and specially Yngwie now. I've started with blues songs (Hendrix, EVH, Jimmy Page.....). The thing i realize now is that no matter what style tou play and technical you are, if your compositions are good (balanced between unpredictable and easy listening), you will find your public. And you will be able to make a living out of that.

However i do agree on the fact that music industry did not developed itself in a good way for a few decades..

Mike Lowe

There's plenty of guitar bands coming out now. My personal favorite is Tim Henson of Polyphia. Honestly, my first thought revisiting this was imagine hearing this in 1984 before YouTube existed and you knew it was possible to play like this. I bet this album killed so many dreams. lol

chris gentry

Well said brother. Music ain't what it used to be bavk in the day. As for the other two commenting. Hes referring to what the mainstream radio is playing today which is all crap.

A guy you can trust

you are high, and should stop being high

Chris Davies

Really, you think the age of rock is over? Have you note heard Alter Bridge? The Dead Daisies? Jorn? Dream Theater?You need to keep looking my friend.

Eryck Crypton

That outro solo is astonishing! Pure emotion. Beautiful harmonic feedback at 4:12

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