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Super Mario Bros.
Nintendo Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Super Mario Bros.' by these artists:

A Scholar & A Physician Yeah hei la meg slippe til SΓ₯ skal jeg rippe denne…
C24C Well, I'm Luigi, this is Mario And we'll be some incredible…
DJ Cover This ZARCORT Me despertΓ© cada maΓ±ana Imaginando tu voz Eres como…
Midnight Blue Bum Bam, Boom, Bum…
Stage 3-1 Peach, mi amor Ya con mi estrella no hay error Peach, yo…
The Power-Ups Peach, mi amor Ya con mi estrella no hay error Peach, yo…

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Rudolf Plays

Hi, If you like you can check out:
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Mint cat



In my opinion, THIS is the most iconic song to come out of the 80s.
Not only is video gaming the biggest, most profitable sector of entertainment right now, but this song is known and recognized by pretty much everyone across all ages, locations, etc, even by people who don't play video games.


mario is loved because he's chubby & expressive

Sandra Lorenzen

36 years still music to my ears

challenge accepted

always a blast to play.this is officially the anthem of gaming

donut eddie munson

My math teacher played this for LITERALLY 3 HOURS and wouldn't turn it off 😭

night lion gaming

Wow great


Cool video! Definitely earned a sub πŸ‘

Rudolf Plays

Thank You! πŸ˜€

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