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Ride of the Valkyries
by Richard Wagner

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Scottish MetalHead 2019

A moment of silence for everyone who still can't find this song.

Cameron Brown

fuckface unstoppable Why did you just have to come to such a great song, go in the comment section, and then spread a load of negativity to everyone? Great job, you must be very proud of yourself.

fuckface unstoppable

English metalheads* cuz you are and always willl be englands bitch as long ad u bow to them lmfao

Omar Hashem

Fs in the chat for Wagner and the people who still can't find this

JoJo Joestar

I searched for the movie "Valkyrie"
i ended up here

there are no such thing as accidents


I couldent but i found! Praise me.

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When you see the last pack of toilet paper and 5 other people are eyeing it

hacker bear


Smart Mama


Pineapple Goes boom


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