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Gorillaz Lyrics


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Sadie Johnson

They could write film scores and it would be amazing.


@Kottonkandy09 not all.


Would be a waste of talent, seeing as all film scores all sound the same.

Captainice Alvarado

Sarah LaPidus that would be cool


I love this.. it's a real "concept" album. in that it's good to listen to the whole thing in one sitting.


u wot mate The overall flow has nothing to do with it being labeled a concept album. So if you’re asking if Abbey Road (not a concept album) is better than DOTM or The Wall (concept albums), than yes. It absolutely is.
I also never said that concept albums weren’t special. They’re just no more special than any other well written piece of art.


07foxmulder you’re telling me an album that has songs that play into each other perfectly is no different than an album that changes abruptly each song? albums like Dark Side of the Moon aren’t special in any way?


I’ll never understand why people say that. Albums in general were meant to be listened to in their entirety. A concept album isn’t more special than one that isn’t. A concept album is nothing more than an album with a consistent theme.

Chris Rosado


Keys' Dream

They are the music gods and 2D is their sad voice angel

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