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Sister Sara's Theme
Ennio Morricone Lyrics


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Luiz Sérgio

My father and I watched "Two Mules for Sister Sarah" today, my father is an old man to be a father and since I was young my father introduced me to all the bang bang spaghetti films that he knew and loved, and most of them Ennio was present with his fantastic soundtrack. Ennio is my favorite composer since I was 14, today I am 24 and my father 76, thank God for being my father's son.

RIP Ennio the best composer of 20th/21st century and the favorite of my bloodline. <3

ledger doe

You have a good father.


What do you mean of your bloodline? The fuck?


Tarantino + Morricone = The ultimate masterpiece


@Daniel when it's only a copy, nothing is "unique". #epicfail


@Tyramizou I very respectfully disagree with your point. As Picasso said, "Good artists borrow, great artists steal."
What Picasso meant is that great artists "steal" ideas/inspirations and make them into their own unique thing, which is what QT does. He "steals" from other movies (he even said that at one point) and makes the ideas he "stole" into his unique little things for his movies, and that's what makes him my favourite directors. He knows what tools he has, and he knows how to use them to create some iconic movies and scenes.

Its Blitzø

Although Morricone actually said that Tarantino was a hack with no originality.


@Tyranidey sure, he uninspired copy of a copy of a copy with brainless dialogues... that's pointless and awkward. there are way better directors than this overrated "I make a new movie-no I don't-yes I do"-copycat.


@Tyramizou Nope

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Greg McDougall

Good lord, this is so beautiful that it almost hurts. Kudos to Morricone for composing it and to Tarantino for having that flawless ear, finding the perfect song to match what he put on screen. 

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