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Sleep Dealer
Oneohtrix Point Never Lyrics

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Quite possibly my favorite thing I've ever heard. Not exaggerating.

seeya later

this song is a depressing ear worm. not exaggerating


Same dude. Such a masterpiece

Aphex_ Acid[141.98]

@J Meeseeks but you found it

J Meeseeks

I found this way too late, man


i was 14 or 15 when this record came out and it opened me up to an entire new world. will always be grateful.


1996 gang

Michiah Sievers

@FOUL TROUBLE Lil ugly mane and death grips have had huge influence on my musical taste too.

Michiah Sievers

@FOUL TROUBLE I used to use too but I deleted mine. We have mostly very similar taste with alternative, experimental. I used to like most the rappers you listen to too. I'll check out charli as well as the stuff you produce

I really dig James Ferraro and Tim Hecker. I had tons of scrobbles on them. Very influential in drone and vaporwave. Laurel Halo, also you might like chicago footwork music a lot. I'm particularly fond of dj PayPal. Machine girl is next level electronic music for me really my go to for all work outs. Vaperror is really fun

Fun talking to you!👈😎


​@Michiah Sievers aaaaabsolutely, that's my favorite thing to do! plus it gives me and excuse to gush about music <3 im gonna link you to my account because it has most of my shit archived there. i have very eclectic taste (also experimental to me is a hard thing to pin down - like Oneohtrix is clearly experimental but i also consider someone like charli xcx to be experimental specifically because she's in the realm of pop and she's produced by the co-founder of PC Music, an incredibly experimental and (at the time) odd collab for someone on the radio). anyway sorry about that tangent, could you tell me what kind of artists you enjoy and consider experimental so i can go from there? otherwise i wont stfu lol. and/or let me know what overlaps we have in taste!

(that just shows all-time listens so it might be relevant to click the calender at the top right to look at different years cuz i around 15 when i made the account)

last thing, apologies for writing so much, but i make music as well in case you happen to be interested. i wouldn't call it experimental really but i'm proud of a lot of it. there's stuff on my account here on YT but also links to my soundcloud in case you like it, there's a handful of things i havent uploaded here yet.

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