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Russian Circles Lyrics

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The tapping riff at the start is melodic and groovy as hell.


I let my friend listen to this... she complained about it 'cos it had no vocals -.-... THIS DOES NOT NEED WORDS. THE MUSIC DESCRIBES IT ALL.

Malko Jaton

judithfrommars I’m confused... my name is Malko and I live in Geneva


I'm in heaven when I listen to this, especially the part from 0:00-1.30 I could die to that shit.


Russian Circles + Weed + Driving at Night = its feels gold

Victor Bezerril Garcia

The drummer is the soul of the band


This song is amazing, can't wait for the rest of the album.

Ted-O Batcho

Epic pic of their drummer at 3:20. The dude is pretty intense.


Dave Turncrantz has the sexiest drumming I've ever heard since John Bonham! Goddamn that bass drum fills my room with thunder! <3


damn they are so good live. seen em with red sparowes 3 times now and everytime the Russian circles just steal the show (and I really like the red sparowes)

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