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House of Cards
Madina Lake Lyrics

It's late at night, the world's asleep
And I'm trying not to think
I take some pills 'cause my mind bleeds
I'm thinking what is wrong with me
Because the only thing I know about honesty
Is every lie I told that you believed

I'm afraid to be alone
I'm afraid that one day you'll find out

And you'll be amazed
At the secrets I keep
You'll be amazed
At my mouth full of lies
But I'm too afraid to come clean
'Cause my life's the flame in a house of cards

Now I can't look you in your eyes
Because the guilt is killing me
I try to disconnect my heart again
Just so I can breathe
I wanna be myself again
But I just can't 'cause

I'm afraid to be alone
I'm afraid that one day you'll find out


It's such a shame what I've become
After years of breaking down
My whole life has come undone
'Cause I'm trying to fake it all
And I know that you love someone
But that someone isn't me
Or is this me?


You'll be amazed
You'll be amazed

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Comments from YouTube:

Austin Wagner

I love when Madina Lake randomly pops in my head and I take this trip again. Who’s here in 2019? Almost 2020. :p

Judge ENZA

2021 fam

Somaya Sheikh


Jordan Hennessey

Tjis song came out of nowhere in my head in September 2020 during the end of world

Arnold Alaniz

Same , but for me I always remember the song name before I remember it’s by Madina Lake. Cheers from 2020

Kaitlin Wilburn

Austin Wagner 2020!

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Katie D.

This song popped into my head out of nowhere...




Same I think about this song randomly

kayla putnam

I was listening to shine downs save me and this song popped into my head

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