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Om du möter varg
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this sounds like the familiar soundtrack to a game that doesn't exist

Vahid Ilhomov

@Edi it is from there "la velsa"

false gamer

The best thing I can compare it to is if the soundtracks of Overcooked and Pokémon Shuffle had a bastard child


I kinda want them to adapt it and put it in Sea of Thieves, a lively shanty if ever there was one...


I finally found this. I can die in peace now


itsjustamemebro feel you so hard man. I heard some of this songs when I was a kid, and I spend so much time on finding this

Lora B

before this music i had a semi normal music taste. now this is all i want to listen to help


Yann Tiersen is so amazing!. His music transpoting me to others places!!!

Antony Smith

I mean Tiersen's music will definitely do so, but this is not him... Obviously.

tra nrv slzn

+Jocelyn Gomez Me too !

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