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Cow Cud is a Twin
Aphex Twin Lyrics

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Aphex Twin
All right!
Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin
I care because you do
Aphex Twin
Aphex Twin

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Aphex Twin's song "Cow Cud is a Twin" are fairly simple, consisting only of the artist's name and the album title, "I care because you do". However, the meaning behind them is open to interpretation. The repetition of the artist's name throughout the song could be seen as a declaration of identity or ego, reminding the listener who is responsible for creating the unique sounds of the track.

The album title, "I care because you do", can be seen as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the artist's seemingly disinterested demeanor. By proclaiming that they do care, it could be a way of suggesting that their often cold and clinical music is precisely because they DO care about the art form and are intentionally pushing boundaries.

Overall, the lyrics are not the focus of the song, but serve as a subtle reinforcement of the artist's brand identity and the ethos behind their music.

Line by Line Meaning

All right!
Everything is good and okay!

I care because you do
I have concern and affection for you because you reciprocate it as well.

Aphex Twin

Cow cud is a twin
The regurgitated food from cows is similar to the original eaten food, as it contains the same types of microorganisms that help digest the food in both instances.

Aphex Twin

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Comments from YouTube:


i can't believe richard d. james invented the producer tag


i didnt see any comments on it but the anagram for this track is “caustic window”


My first time listening to this was on a pair of headphones. I turned the volume up to better hear the beat in the background, and then the loud ass slamming door almost blew my eardrums.


This is the most underrated song on this album.
Too few views....


You're a twin Hasuo :)


thats okay i don't want to see it filled with shitty ass comments saying bullshitty ass jokes


Jeffrey is a Twin


@@Hassingerjeffwe are all a twin


When I heard that Allright! at the beginning of the song, it legitamtely sounded like someone was right there. Did that happen to anyone else? Maybe its just cuz I have really good


Omg it happened also to me lol

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