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Snow & Taxis
Gold Panda Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Gold Panda:

Back Home Book of Days õ oÎche go hoÎche, mo thuras, From night…
Brazil Brazil, Brazil, Brazil Brazil, Brazil, Brazil Brazil, Braz…
In My Car Ooh... (Ooh...) Get up, up, get up, up... (Oh) Get up, up, …
Long Vacation Sometimes you make plans, sometimes they don't work out (sa…

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Comments from YouTube:


I'm listening to this for the first time in 2017 and I can't hear this track without crying. its so theraputic to find songs that tug at those emotions so well. this is absolutely beautiful it hurts in the best way. i'm moved


L O V E oh look, the exact thoughts I was just about to express <3 so many emotions, all swirling about. those good tears. :)

Parviz Dzhalolov

Beautiful sounds like spirit of soul 👏 🎶 👍🏻 🎧

Ingrid Ortega

My heart, my soul. Thank you for this beautiful tune.

Christian A.Villette

Still sounds great to this day, had the pleasure of meeting and sharing a stage with the golden one and my is he one of the most humble.

josh p

I remember having a mild psychedelic high and playing skyrim to this haha

Simon H

it's been years since i bumped this and it still slaps


saw him live ... pure epicness

Hampster Dreams

I listened to this album on my iPod the whole time I was on a 10 day tour of cities in China. I can't imagine a better soundtrack for that voyage.

Eddie Padilla

I think the most accurate type of genre is experimental electronic. I've hear many different labels but that's the one that seems to be favored the most.

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