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Fuzz Universe
Paul Gilbert Lyrics

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stephen edwards

Took me 7 months to learn this song. Now whenever I play it I'm filled with great joy. Time well spent.


@Peter Jon different styles and techniques but yeah, they are pretty much the same level



Matias Perez

Just getting to the main riff must feel glorious congrats

the broken crown

Im looking for guitar teacher

Peter Jon

This is a noob question I guess, but it's taken me almost a full week of hours per day to get most of the intro for cliffs of dover down... How would you rank much of this song against cliffs of dover in terms of difficulty?

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It really can't get any better than this. The beginning of the song sounds like rush

Winston Carter

Haha for some reason it reminds me of the Karate Kid or Bruce Lee.


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Lucas Vaughn

You can put Mr.big discography here, im joking... i love it

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