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You Love Me
DeVotchKa Lyrics

Under the mother eyes of the Mexican sky
She was happy and it shows in the sun
And it was fate laid in stone
Sacred heart, sacred ground
Her two children and we moved as one

And you said you loved me
You said you loved me

Now there’s something missing
when you’re kissing me
It’s subtle yet it’s gone
And then I’m suspicious
And then it gets vicious
And then it’s a hole right through the heart

And you said you loved me
I thought you loved me

Now there is an ocean of time
Between your life and mine
You look happy and you’re married again
And oh my Lord how you’ve grown
To find me still alone
I am humble
I’m still trying to forget

When you said you loved me
I thought you loved me

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Comments from YouTube:

lenin flores

just beautiful, hi from Chiapas Mexico, hope i can see u guys live some day!!!

Gahel González Martínez


Tom Silberberg

This is a beautiful song, DeVotchKa were definitely slept on

Reyna Gyal Dread εїз

Desde mi hermoso San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, escuchando a DEVOTCHKA. Justo en la hora sad, 12:36 AM 😢

Kelvin Luiz

Why this album is not on spotify?

Brian Millen

Spotify very shite? it played havoc with my Alexa. And I love |Devotchka