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Fire Down Below
Nick Cave Lyrics

She was the parson's daughter
With her red and rosy cheeks
She went to church on Sunday
And sang the anthem sweet

The parson was a misery
So scraggy and so thin
Look here, you motherfuckers
If you lead a life of sin
And there's fire down below

He took his text from Malachi
And pulled a weary face
Well, I fucked off for Africa
And there, I feel from grace
'Cause there's fire down below

The parson's little daughter
Was as sweet as sugar-candy
I said to her, "us sailors
Would make lovers neat and handy"
'Cause there's fire down below

She says to me, "you sailors
Are a bunch of fucking liars
And all of you are bound to hell
To feed the fucking fires"
'Cause there's fire down below"

Well, there's fire down below, my lad
So we must do what we oughta
'Cause the fire is not half as hot
As the parson's little daughter
And there's fire down below

Yes, there's fire (fire)
Down (down)
Below (below)

Yes, there's fire (fire)
Down (down)
Below (below)

Yes, there's fire (fire)
Down (down)
Below (below)

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Comments from YouTube:

Abigail Carroll

This song is fun to scream out the car window (an old lady stared at me last time haha)

pete pete

just from listening to this one you get drunk.

Rian Lyons-Copeland

Nick Cave is a legend. Him doing a sea shanty is perfection. 💜💜💜


Oh, thank you! I dearly hope this view will win wider recognition :o)


I am drunk, on red wine, on the defeat of of my heart and on the expression of true love from a fool. But mostly on wine and Nick Cave


This is the most AWESOME song! I can't stop listening to it! =D

Geary Marcello



So true. I got it for my 21st....I turned 25 a couple of weeks ago and I'm still playing it all the time. Good listening buddy.

El Último Soñador

Now, i hope, you're 32 and I'm 31. I've been listening to this record for years too.


heard this song in "our country's good" i like it

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