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We Could Forever
Bonobo Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Saw him live 2 days ago and it was an amazing show. The lady he had signing brought out a flute for this track and I was watching in awe the entire song. Masterpiece.


I love this whole album and keep going back to it. This track reminds me of how dynamic life is and all the places we've been and have yet to go to, good and bad.


This song feels like past, present, and future. Incredibly creative with a deep seated funk. Far out!


i could forever listen to this song




I could listen to this song forever*


Amazing! Greetings from Pongrácovce, Slovakia.


Bonobo is the man! And this tune is just brilliant!


The breakdown and the flute give me chills every time I hear this - CLASSIC!


All the bonobo tracks hits my soul dude...

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