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Ras Trent
The Lonely Island Lyrics

Jah! Rastafarianism
Yes I, Ras Trent
Ba-da ding-ding-ding-ding whoa!
Who dem?
You no want test me champion sound

Oh fire pon Babylon
And fire pon a batty boy
Rude boy living in the shanty dorms
My roommate Nick is an ignorant ball head!

Now chant down Babylon
Midterm essays
Then puff from de chalice
I fi make from a Sprite can

Last week I read a book
About Selassie I
Then told my bomboclat parents
I was switching religions

Excuse I!
Oh hot stepper, you do so many dutty crimes
And plus you're fully skylarking all the time

Unu look ya now!

Have you ever noticed
How ball-heads suck?
Ba-da-da ding-ding-ding-ding
Dong-dang ding-dong duck!

Excuse I for my skanking
Give thanks and praise
Me toil part-time
At jah Cold Stone Creamery

In a dub style!
Roller skates...a DVD of Cool Runnings, Murder, She Wrote
Yagga-yagga-yagga yowwww!

Are you there Jah? It's me, Ras Trent
Are you there Jah? It's me, Ras Trent

Are you there Jah? It's me, Ras Trent
Please guide me pon your bike path of righteousness

Oh stannaho, stannaho, stannaho, stannahoy Jaaaah!
Fussing and fighting and Zion and Roots
Red Stripe, Shabba, Ragamuffin and culture
Me night nurse never want to plant de corn
Diddily, skiddily diddily diddily

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Comments from YouTube:

Max ProPayne 3

Why do people think this is racist?

He isn't making fun of Jamacians. He's making fun of suburban college kids who suddenly think they're Jamaican/Rastafarian because they rock some nasty ass dreads, listen to Bob Marley, and smoke weed.

Raymond Saint

Humor is forbidden for the Left

Canais Young

Are they saying it's racist, or are they saying that if it was made today, audience would accuse it of being racist? There is a difference.

John Howerton

SJW's are really just Karens.

Robert Jensen

Besides, there's no such thing as racism.

Mark Wallner

This is one of those attention-seeking, "upvote me!" comments where you point out something easy to agree with, that ISN'T EVEN HAPPENING in these comments! Where are all of the "this is racist!!!" comments you seem to be alluding to? I don't see any, sounds you're way overblowing that.

Anyways, I mean duh, the Ras Trent video is so obviously making fun of white college guys from wealthy families that grow dreads and get into reggae and trying to be Rasta. No shit, bro...

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The best part is when he starts mumbling when he walks past the black people

Derrick Slayton

But they weren't black.


@ToyotaGuy1971 I'm Jewish,,, and Ok, Yeah! I admit it. I've been secretly telling the rest of the world that you suck! I'm sorry. I guess I'll just stop now.


Yeah, cuz every white guy is afraid of every black guy, if you believe all the jewish, anti-white propaganda they're always trying to push. And he should be ashamed, because white people can't be Rastas, cuz that's only for blacks. Well sorry, but that's bullcrap. Rastafari isn't about Racism, and it's not just for Africans. Only a bald-head (non-believer) would think that's funny.

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