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Infant Eyes
Wayne Shorter Lyrics

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Paul Brewer

To me, Wayne is one of the greatest jazz musicians who ever lived - and one of the greatest musical inspirations of my life.

Brad Lloyd

Bellissimo. Me too even as a drummer his influence on my harmonic and melodic sense/composition and loosening up of barriers in improvisation in rhythmic phrasing is profound. THIS is one of the most beautiful songs EVER written.

Brad Lloyd

Here here TRUTH

Mark Giammario

He is one of the greatest musicians who ever lived.

Aubrey Camacho,MD

The insightful and amazing composition style of Mr. Shorter. Have seen him several times in the Village and Carnegie Hall. He is so underrated by many, but the real jazz aficionados are intrinsically well informed about the mastery of his work.

Maura B

Very deep and soulful like John Coltrane.

Martin Be

What a mellow and hypnotic piece, beautiful.

Brian Torff

Incredible- a genius of American music

Mark Freeman

This is killer. So chill. Herbie on the piano. Beautiful

Jim Thompson

I remember reading on the album's liner notes that Wayne wrote this for his infant daughter.

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