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Don't Cry
J Dilla Lyrics

I can't stand to see you cry
It tears to see you cry
I can't stand to see you cry, no baby doll

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you're 100% right play this album in right order:

- Da Factory
- Welcome to the Show
- Donuts (Intro)
- Donuts (outro)
- Last donut of The Night
- Waves
- Hi.
- One for Ghost
- Walkinonit
- Stop!
- Two Can Win
- One Eleven
- Don't Cry
- Anti-American Graffity
- Dilla Says Go
- Light My Fire
- Glazed
- Globstopper

and this was part dedicated to his family. Just listen closely and you'll hear that j dilla adresses different histories from his perspective. The whole album should start with da factory because it's clearly opening track. have you heard sgt. peppers album intro? yup. that shit was 100% intro. and Da Factory is too because its about show that we all are going to witness. then it's about him appearing like in the scary ass track when some ghost talks to your right and left ear directly. I was scared as fuuuuuuck when i first heard it.

The Second Part is directed to his fans. Espacially part with "get this one" - (It's worth of mentioning that j dilla left hints every now and then like in the Donuts outro so it can be played with Last donut of night, same shit with Airworks and lightworks. This album just begs on his knees to solve it and put it in right place and time. Like on some Mercury Rising/angels and demons decoding ish.


- Workinonit
- The New
- The Twister (Huh, what)
- Mash
- Geek Down
- Thunder
- Stepson of the Clapper
- Airworks
- Lightworks
- The Diff'rence
- U- Luv

How the fuck nobody solved it yet. IF you listen to The Diff'rence it clearly says THAT WE LOVE THE DIFFERENCE HE MADE ON PRODUCING THE TRACKS... AND U Luv IS ABOUT US!!! WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT HIM JESUS CHRIST ITS BEEN +10 YEARS ALREADY

- Time: The Donut of the Night
- People.
- Bye.

these two above are so fucking obvious...

Tbh if this list makes it to the Complex/Hiphopdx i want my credit for solving that "Crosswords" tracklist. I've tried to contact Illa J's menager, dj household shoes, Dead End Hip Hop and nobody gived me a shot. So fuck them all i won't wait any much longer yall enjoy this real hiphop and have a great day.


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Victor Gonzalez

this is the most insane flip of a sample i’ve ever heard. the way he chopped and rearranged this sample is absolutely godly

SDS Overfiend

@Home Studio Basics Facts…. But cats don’t produce so they wouldn’t know the simple technique he used to achieve this baseline effect the clamoring over. I love J Dilla…. “Got Till it’s Gone” and “Baby” is my favorite Dilla tracks. But I think it’s because he passed on his legacy becomes a lil more far fetched and exaggerated. Still… I wish he was here. Music needs him more than ever right now.

NZ Native

@Home Studio Basics Bro you giving one example because of one persons comment and then waving off what actual top tier MCs Djs Producers and musicians say about Dilla .They have lectures at Universities about his style, and Mr basic home studio here thinks people be riding. Get to know his catalog of work the things he did without pro tools etc nobody else was doing what he was doing at the level he was doing it.


Of one sample yeah probably. Including multiple songs, face to face has to take it. that shit's insane and honestly more impressive putting 6 different song samples together like that.

prod. Young Wonder

and he did it on an sp303....

Cristian Duran

@Home Studio Basics he did create stuff though? No one in music creates things "out of thin air". They take pre existing ideas and make something new out of those previous influences with something that also comes from your own artistic interpretation. That's exactly what j dilla did here, he was able to create a new arrangement out of something pre existing. He's creating new musical ideas and chords out of the sounds hes hearing which is what makes this so impressive. This is beyond just having an ear for theory but to be able to create almost new chords out of something already preordained and actually make it sound good isn't normal or typical.

His sampler is his instrument and these recordings or recording are his "notes" or choices to make. He decides when to cut here, change there just like how a guitarist would decide to use a note or maybe not use a note here and there. That's why when j dilla samples it still sounds like him, he's the one making very specific choices where not many people would've. Anyone can come up with a simple blues progression or decide to play certain chords or notes in succession but there's not as many people who can do the same with sampling especially this kind because you have to deal with more complex sound waves and make very specific decisions of what actually works well, there's more to fuck up when it comes to arranging. It's like what some people say, it can be seen as a complex puzzle.

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Knowing he made the beat for his mom makes me want to cry, this is so beautiful ...


@prod. senku how many days?

Miles Kaye

@Solo Warrior was it Illa Jay that he made this track for?

Solo Warrior

He actually made this song for his brother. Every time he would go see Dilla in the hospital he would break down and cry. So he made that song for him as a memory. It’s on one of those Dilla documentaries

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