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Mic Check
Imogen Heap Lyrics

check, check, check, check
mic, mic, mic, mic

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Comments from YouTube:

Francis Broka

A matchless and unlimited talent. The greatest artist I know.

Steve Sykes

This was the first Imogen Heap I ever heard, and it ended up being my homepage music for MySpace waaaay back in the day. Always wished Pentatonix would cover it.

Steve Sykes

So I just realized I said basically the same thing here 10 years ago. Ok, then.

Gracie Pelsue

will never get over this one, especially with monitors! you would think there's already enough going on, but with monitors it's just so, so much more than you'd think:)

Chelsie Owens

I forgot how I came across this song, but I am so glad I did in 2008. Most Imogen Heap lovers don't even know this song exist!

Justin Ruiz

this song is definately at the top of my fav imogen heap songs!!! love it and her.

Cara Houpt

awesome i just love how she is so experimental with her own voice like this! so many layers of vocals :D


i worship imogen heap. Amazing talent, amazing sound, amazing lyrics, oddly beautiful.

Rebecca Nolasco

Wow, I LOVE this one! Never heard it before until today. I've been missing out big time! ^_^


Loved this song. I remember the days when I was searching for this EVERYWHERE.

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