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Rogue Wave Lyrics

the air is thick
the air is wasted
the lamb lies down for our entertainment
some mother's son
crashed at the pavement
his little eyes gone
we're one in the same man
now you know you never waste it
now you know you're wasted

i hear your voice, there's no emotion
did something die
you're not even responsive
when we were young we'd bottle water
collect reptile bones, commence the slaughter
now you know you never waste it
now you know you're wasted

all your dreams thrown in the trash
you were born into war
you were taught not to ask
for every single possibility
moving shadows in the dark
deciding fates over cocktail lunch
every single possibility

we better bust them out
you better bust them out
heart attacks won't get us down
our rifle butts pressed in the ground
our brains are lost, our skulls are found
we're kicking up the dust above them

Contributed by Jonathan H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Sooo much fun to play this on the guitar.


You can't easily find music like this anymore. this is a refresher from all the 4 chord music out there now. no creativity. this is great!


The intro sounds like Joy Division to me, a bit like Ceremony.

Matt Stricker

Amazing song, it's definitely worth the long listen!


this band is awesome I saw a Documentary on pps or something and fell in love withe there sound


i like this song!!

Caitlyn Carmona

Not a view or comment since I guess about 2009 or so lol

Kevin J

thumbs up if your here from the fox soccer commercial

Carlo Lubatti



yeah, found the song from the fox soccer commercial.

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