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Zodiac Shit
by Flying Lotus

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God of Mediocrity

I love how the video ends with the cat staring into the camera with utter resentment. If you guys didn't know, this video is based off of a Chinese legend on how the 12 zodiac animals were selected. The cat was left out and continues to stay bitter till this day.

Hennerboy 01

That explains while the animals were morphing the cat wasnt there.


Fun fact, in Vietnamese version of zodiac, the rabit was replaced by the cat.


The version I read as a kid says the cat and the mouse used to be best friends, and agreed to hop on the ox’s back so they can win the race. However, the mouse betrayed the cat by pushing it off of the ox’s back while crossing the river, and the cat almost drowned. The mouse then hopped from the ox’s back winning first place in the zodiac list, and the cat vowed to forever hunt down the mouse for the betrayal.

Mr. Melt

I hate how 2 little videos pop at the end kinda blocking it out. Kinda a buzz kil especially if ur trippin


i have also seen fruitsbasket

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Iron Guardian

When you take acid and watch animal documentaries


when you take acid

Roshan Antony

Will find out tomorrow :)

Jacob Mumford

This is more shrooms for me, acid was the incredibly repetitive shifting of a crazy ass pattern this is like morphing and changing like how shrooms are in your minds eyes. Acid in the minds eye is more of a kaleidoscopic affect in my experiences.

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