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Symphony No. 9
Ludwig van Beethoven Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Ludwig van Beethoven:

9th Symphony Freude, schöner Götterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium, wir bet…
Moonlight Sonata Camper Van Beethoven Camper Van Beethoven We Love You All…
Presto Freude, schöner Götterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium, wir bet…
String Quartet in A major Kimi no te de kirisaite Omoi hi no kioku wo Kanashimi no…
String Quartet in A major Op. 18 No. 5: III. Andante cantabile Kimi no te de kirisaite Omoi hi no kioku wo Kanashimi no…
Symphony No. 2 in D Major I saw you standing on the corner You looked so big…

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Like so everyone can see a timeline of Movements and sub-movements, thank you.

0:00 - Movement 1
16:04 - Movement 2
25:54 - Movement 3
41:00 - Movement 4 (Part 1)
44:00 - Mvt.4 (Part 2 - Ode to Joy, instrumental)
47:33 - Mvt.4 (Part 3 - Ode to Joy, Chorus)
51:08 - Mvt.4 (Part 4 - March)
53:00 - Mvt.4 (Part 5 - Fugue)
54:24 - Mvt.4 (Part 6 - Joy of Elysium)
1:03:53 - Mvt.4 (Part 7 - FINALE)

Luigi Vercotti

No. No, you do not have to say that. This is my favourite too, so, between the two of us, anyone who would have you deny that to get their friendship quite simply doesn't deserve to have yours.

I'm not 12, I'm 20, and I had a very, very rough time in school, but one thing I'm proud of is that I never once denied or abandoned the things I love, and let me tell you, it was completely worth it. Not only did this very symphony pull me out of some really dark places when no-one else did, I have friends now, with whom I can be honest and never afraid of telling them what I like.

I love classical music too, and since this is both our favourite symphony, I'll leave with this quote:

"To do good whenever one can, to love liberty above all else, never to deny the truth, even though it be before the throne."


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Happy 100 million, everyone!

Non Sono Lorenzo


Non Sono Lorenzo


G. A.

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Cristobal Esteban García Pérez :D


Mr Cbi

Do you have any rights on this music you worthless piece of human greed ?

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Ludwig van Beethoven

Ah, 1824. The good old days.

Sauzzze Wrld

I know your secret ur black

Vic Duarte

good? Do you even know what used to happen in 1824???

Dio Signore

The year my father was born

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