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Pie IX
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Pie IX is one of these dead end metro stations on the fringes of Montreal where rent is cheap. There are lots of bohemian intellectual and artistic types around those parts. The song is likely alluding to Dante's Inferno. Pie IX is somewhat symbolic of limbo, a kind of nebulous nowhere between dreams and hopelessness, freedom and prostitution, virtue and damnation. A place where decent people go to live in obscurity. At any rate, this is a brilliant neo-psychedelic vibe with some very twisted demonic overtones. Love it.

Jamie Thompson

That was one of the best reads and of the many times I have heard this lovely tune, it even felt better, after reading your comment. Writings, yay!

Tom Smiley

So it's like Earth then.


Loved it

David McNulty

cheers dude

cristhian serna

it´s not only musical notes, this is art.

Derek Dodson

Damn right!

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If you think this is creepy you should see them play it live! So good.

Ergot Samsa

This is one of these bands that makes you feel like you've been waiting for them all your life...

Stephanie van Gemert

Saw them at paradiso last night.. they were AMAZING!! This track is even more cool and psychedelic when played live... <3

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