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All the Time
The S.I.G.I.T Lyrics

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Look baby I'm out my mind
Some screws loose but tell the truth boo I'm one of a kind
And you know I'm right so come on baby tell me what's going on
Why you acting nonchalant with my whole world up in your palm
You know it's wrong up until dawn pointing the blame at each other
Then afterwards we're hitting the covers like some long lost lovers
This life of ups and downs look around we got it made
It's just insanity with the games you always wanna play
I say no way I'm gone
I can't help it when you hate me
And I just can't keep on waiting
All this time I keep on wasting
And I just don't have the patience
I can't help you drive me crazy
All my life I keep on waiting
All this time I keep on wasting
And I just don't have the patience
Look baby you out your mind
Some screws loose but tell the truth boo you're one of a kind
And it feels so right when you're by my side every single day
I'm stuck on stupid every time you wanna go away
Cause this is fate something's missing and I feel so lost
Told myself not to love and now I pay the cost
It's all my fault and all I wanna do is scream and yell
Without you cussing me out my life has been a living hell
I know it's wild but you're the one and yes it feels so good
Got me sprung and now I got this all understood
You know you should just take off your clothes let me take it on home
That break up to make up just got me all gone
I'm loving your body I'm loving your soul
Feinding all day I'm feeling you strong
Moving along like I'm writing a song
Never go soft when I'm breaking you off
Hitting the club and then we go stunt
My ride or die we gonna make it all bump
This the way we gotta be
Perfect life you ought to see
Me and you a lot of trees
Happiness constantly
I can't help it when you hate me
And I just can't keep on waiting
All this time I keep on wasting
And I just don't have the patience
I can't help you drive me crazy
All my life I keep on waiting
All this time I keep on wasting
And I just don't have the patience

Overall Meaning

The S.I.G.I.T's song "All the Time" is an exploration of the relationship between love and material possessions, particularly in the context of hip hop and street culture. The opening verses describe the singer's obsession with "choppin' blades," a reference to the custom modification of car engines popular in Southern hip hop culture. The car itself becomes a symbol of wealth and success, "all the corners bent to get paid," but ultimately the singer acknowledges that material possessions "truly mean nothing if you've never been in love." The song explores the tension between the desire for material success and the deeper emotional fulfillment of love.

The middle section of the song shifts to a more abstract and poetic tone, with references to candy colors and Willy Wonka wrappers. The singer describes himself as "screwed up, zooted up, double cup too," a reference to the use of lean, a prescription drug that has become popular in hip hop culture. The contrasting images of wealth and decadence, beauty and destruction, are woven throughout the lyrics, creating a vivid sense of the contradictions inherent in the singer's life.

The song's chorus repeats the idea that material possessions are meaningless without love. The final verse adds a note of melancholy, as the singer acknowledges the threat of violence and danger that comes with his lifestyle. "Coming down ain't quite all it seem," he sings, acknowledging the "jackers on lurk and law's contained." The song ends with an enigmatic reference to "neon minks," leaving the listener to ponder the strange and shifting romantic landscape of hip hop culture.

Line by Line Meaning

All the time I spent
The amount of time I devoted

Choppin' blades, these blades
Working cooperatively to make things sharp and efficient

All the corners bent
The nature of the work frequently caused obstacles which challenged progress

To get paid, get paid
The motivation for focusing so much time and energy was to financially benefit

Truly means nothing if you've never been in love (love, love, love, love)
Efforts of life do not guarantee satisfaction without truly loving someone or something.

Uh, want love but the slab'll do (slab'll do)
Deep down, one desires love, but substitutes other ways to fulfill it, like cars

Chop-chop with an attitude (attitude)
Bringing forth energy and passion in the daily routine

Get back what you had to do (had to do)
Completing crucial or pressing tasks that must be done or revisited

Everything by Capitol, (capitol)
Financial matters and decisions, contain a large degree of importance in modern life.

Came up where it never good (never good)
Old living conditions were bad or unsatisfactory

Cameras always against the wood (against the wood)
Constant surveillance was always present in the home

You probably would've had a crib (had the crib)
If decisions had been made differently, one could’ve had a decent residence

But you went and got a 'Lac DeVille
But instead, purchased a Cadillac DeVille vehicle

Got a girl that bite the dick (bite the D)
Obtained a woman who was sexually adventurous

Drop top for ya driver need
Convertible car for the stylistic demand

G said when the pain get scratched and it ain't on flat but ya got to see it (got to see it)
Find G when life is problematic and challenging, instead of giving up

Pop trunk and you show the glow (show the glow)
Pressing the button to pop the trunk, causing the shining effect to appear

Ain't nothin' she ain't seen before
The woman is accustomed to the lavish and attractive materialistic lifestyle.

You ain't even try to hold the do'
No attempt was made to keep the door locked

You ain't never been in love before
Love is an unknown or unfamiliar experience.

Yeah, I went and copped a slab
I bought a car

With chrome on the tires
A shiny and reflective metal finish on the vehicle's wheels

Pink in the rain, put the screens in the visor
Wind shields on the visors to protect the eyes from the sun and rain during travel

Banging the trunk like the trunk could be louder
The sound system in the vehicle's trunk played loud music with the intent to make a statement

Candy painted like a Willy Wonka wrapper
Similar to the wrapping of a Willy Wonka candy, the coat of paint on the car appeared vibrant and eye-catching

Tailor made this suit so Dan ain’t even Dapper
The suit was made to match the scenario or event in which it's worn, even more than how someone may typically look

Player with my stature
A smooth talker with an imposing physique

Steppin' out, steppin' out clean on 'em
Leaving the house looking fresh and tidy.

Had a horizontal kinda lean on 'em
The typical way of walking had a slight side-to-side lean in swagger

But I'm screwed up, zooted up
But the reality was that he was in a messed-up state and under the influence of something

Double cup too
Intoxicated with both hands filled with drink cups

Top been down but the A/C blew
The convertible roof was open but the air conditioning system was still in work

On a hot summer day when the freaks out to play
On these specific hot summer days, many women engage in flirtatious or sexually aggressive behavior

Let the bae pave the way 'cause the kid coming through
Allowing the significant or idealized person to lead and navigate, as the artist comes through

But coming down ain't quite all it seems
Coming back to reality is unpleasant, even when things look good at first.

Jackers on lurk and law's contained
Dangerous people or suspicious characters are lying in wait, while legal officials are watching and monitoring

I'ma tell you 'bout it in these neon minks
The story or experience will be shared via these vibrantly-colored fur coats

Popped up twice when I find a queen
Finding love or the right person to be with only happens exceptionally rarely.

Lyrics © O/B/O DistroKid
Written by: Gerald Rodriguez

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