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Rainy Taxi
Spoon Lyrics

You catch everything I never could
You believed when I gave up for good
And when you stand beside me,
I could tell I was stronger than I've ever been
But if you're gone, you know you don't come back

I came home last night, I had no good news
I came home last night, I had no good news
And you've been sleeping through
The brightest flash of apocalyptic ruin
And if you leave, I'll never sing another tune

Oh, put on your red shoes, sing your tuning of a girl
When you took my love, I forget the world
And if you say "run," I may run with you
I've got nothing else, I've got nowhere else

As the sun goes fading in the west
There's an army east that's rising still
And when you stand beside me,
I feel something stronger than I ever could
But if you leave, you better run away for good
Leave, you better run away for good
Leave, you better run, run, run
Leave, you better run away for good

Ooh, run, run, run away
Ooh, run, run, run, run, run

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: BRITT DANIEL

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Comments from YouTube:


Probably the catchiest multi-parted pop song without a discernible chorus, ever. It's like verse, verse, ecstatic extended bridge, verse, fake coda, actual coda, fade out, pick your jaw off the floor.

Wilo Polis

@Moira Russell How tf are you verified with 0 videos lmao


+Hendrou Bilo Oh my god!! SO TRUE! The entire song, like someone else said is ridiculously catchy!!

Milan Lončar

haha, this is, like, the sharpest review of a song, ever writen.

Moira Russell

....this might be one of my favourite UTU comments ever, no lie.

Brooklyn Tortellini

Spoon are easily one of the best pop rock bands ever.

Michael Lomenzo

addicted to this song, love that driving bass line

Juan M.G

Such an underrated band!

Rebecca B

Such a great tune.

Kihm Sanders

Driving and powerful, this song immediately grabs your attention. Luscious chords and lyrics make this one an instant memory lodger!

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