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by Eluveitie

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Adrian von Ziegler

Wow, this language gives me shivers everytime... must be my helvetian blood Oo


I picture the Gauls, after the "battle" at Allia, chanting this in thanks to their gods, while mercy killing the wounded Romans. Then again, I have no idea what they're saying so it could be a bread recipe for all I know.

some heavy metal fanboy ^_^

but still it sounds epic

some heavy metal fanboy ^_^

they certainly wouldn't sing this after any fight or battle. this is a desperate love song ^_^


is it normal that my imagination is making a story that matches with this music ? xd \m/


I feel kinda connected to this song somehow :)

Francisco Javier Rodríguez García

The whole song is manificent, but the instrumental ending 3:23 is sublime. They use it now for Scorched Earth.

Lord Innsmouth

nemnalilumi beni uelona incorobouido nelnmanbe gnilou apeni
temeuelle lexsete si 

sueregeniatu o quprinopetame
bi ssilereteta mililegumi
suante uelommi petamassi papissone, petamassi papissone 

xsi indore core nuana
tecumisini beliassu sete sue cluio u sedagisamo
cele uirolonoue 

ilobele beliassu sete rega lexstumi me setingi papissone
beliassu sete metingise tingi beliassu setere garise lexstumi sendi

Celt of Canaan Esurix

Lord Innsmouth I as well wish to know what it means in Gaulish

Róbert László Koncz

Do you have some kind of translation of the lyrics? I am really interested in the meaning of this song.

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