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Skinhead Moonstomp
Symarip Lyrics

I want all you skinheads to get up on your feet
Put your braces together and your boots on your feet
And give me some of that old moonstomping

Get ready, we got three million miles to reach the moon
So let's start getting happy now
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah

Now, before we reach the moon, fellas
We got to make sure that everthing is spic and span, alright?
We got to make sure you, shine your boots, brush your teeth
Because the man on the moon look different from man on the Earth
That's what I say boys
Now remember, I am your boss skinhead speaking, my name is Caleb
Alright, and remember, I'm the boss
You can see, look at my boot, or my feet, or whatever you want to call it
And you can see I've got the biggest boots (that's not right)
Now, when I say "sing", I want everyone to get in the groove and start singing
Because we're on the moon

Ready? One time, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah

Now, I want all you fellas to gather around me, and we're gonna start stomping
Ready? Here we go, one time

Now, we want to make sure when we get back on the Earth
We've got the moon on top of us

Now, we want to make sure that everybody is still in the groove when we get back
So let's start singing one more time

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Come on, moonwalk, moonwalk, come on...


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Comments from YouTube:


Not that anyone will read this, but I'm just sitting here smiling listening to this. My stepdad died a few years ago and left me his record collection, knowing I loved the format. When he was still alive, I'd always say to him "We have to get your records down one day because I'd love to see what you listened to!" and he'd always say "one day, one day". Unfortunately that day never came, but I finally started bringing them down today and this was one of his records. Robbie loved reggae, ska, rocksteady, roots..all of that. This too, he loved Trojan. We didn't have the best of relationships, until he was diagnosed with cancer and we decided to leave all that shit behind us because it wasn't worth it. Seeing all his records now he's had since he was a teenager with his little labels on them so his brothers wouldn't nick them, some written on there in that messy teenage boy's handwriting.. I feel closer to him that I ever have, that's our one connection. Music. That and going to watch Cambridge United. Anyway, I just needed to write this out. I miss you Robbie mate, wish you were here with Mum instead of me. See you again one day.

Keith Laub

Oi my friend.

Scraidy Wolf

Thats awesome you did take them down and took them for a spin!

Gary Ainsworth

thats music for ya m8

Gina Chilon

So beautifull....🌸🦋

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Doug Formerly Sekkō Hegané

As a modern Skinhead, I abstain, no feel disgraced, that the beautiful youth cult turned into fascists and racists. I'm Seventeen, and I wear my doc's with pride and my braces with soul. Ska, Reggae, Rock steady, Punk, Hard core, and Ska core, is what unites me with my brothers and sister from all around the world.

Jonathan Toms

Hello. I’m a 80s English skinhead married to a Irish punk. Living in Australia. I agree totally. Hate being labeled. Love 60s through to 80s ska n punk


@Doug Formerly Sekkō Hegané I totally understand that, I think the fact that you still love the music and the way it sounds like your heart is in a good place makes you not a poser in a bad way at all. At the end of the day, a lot of the aesthetics of our DIY communities were originally made with the intent of pissing old people off and breaking social norms, but they’re mostly kind of pointless social norms that were being fought with the fashion in my opinion LOL. Sometimes fitting in isn’t a bad thing at all unless it means being complacent in other people being hurt. And the subcultures are music based rather than fashion based for a reason, you know? It’s all about the sentiments, not the aesthetics in my opinion

Doug Formerly Sekkō Hegané

@ZEO sounds poser as hell but it was a phase for me man. I still love the music with all my soul, and besides the punks around me I was getting the wrong kind of attention from my peers in school. The Columbine kind of attention.


​@Doug Formerly Sekkō Hegané Out of curiosity, what made you stop being a skinhead? (I'm not one, as a punk I don't have any good experiences with any of the skins in my area, I'm just curious)

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