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So What
Miles Davis Lyrics


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Heather Gaultier

@Davy Roger It's from a Family Guy scene. Peter's in a record store, & the clerk (who has a thick accent) pronounces Debussy like de pussy.

Peter: How's this one?

Salesman: Oh, Bach is very good. I recommend.

Peter: And this one?

Salesman: Oh, Mozart, the boy genius. The best.

Peter: Ok, how about this?

Salesman: Oh, Debussy, I love Debussy! Sometimes all I can think about is Debussy. Oh, look at the pianist! [Pronounced like penis] The pianist is so good with Debussy.

Peter: So you like his early work?

Salesman: Oh, yes. When Debussy was young, that's when you want Debussy.

Peter: Ok, I'll take these two.

Salesman: Very good, sir. Just make sure you finish on the Bach. Never finish on Debussy.


After the intro
Bass: hey guys i have to tell you something
The rest of instruments: Sooo what
Bass: Come on guys please let me share it
The rest of instruments: Sooo what
Bass: guys is not funny when you do that
The rest of instruments: Sooo what

Damn i love/miss the good music....

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Having a bad day? No worries, get someplace where you can be alone, throw on this tune and all will be right in the world again.

Eduardo Pérez Jardines

@Paul graham edward Spencer --


Thank you Master Shake...

AnnMarie McCooey

Well said. Miles takes you on a journey.

Christopher Husted

@john evans Mom died 28 years ago. This music meets you down at the abyss of your soul-- wherever that may be at the time.

Brian J. Carnevale

Because we don't give up.

Words to live by.
words I was raised by.
Thankful for that!

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Roy Davis

I am 73 and had the privilege of meeting many of the musicians in this line-up. These musicians are like GODS. When they play it is like they are making a profound statement.

Orante Frazier

I bet you have stories to tell.

AnnMarie McCooey

Well said.


I wish I lived in your era! To be around such high end talent what a time to remember

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