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The One With the Wurlitzer
by American Football


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Chanser 520

emo jazz


sad toots in the background

R.J. Rosales

Ayrs wow death grips

Ayrs wow

Hey! whats the name of the band that uses your prof pic as an album cover, been trying to remember their name for months! I think it's death... death.. hmm.. death something

Cecilia Carlsson

When you dive into a bowl of spaghetti O’s pasta, your mouth will really rock

Cecilia Carlsson

Adrian Hernandez yes omg best meme page ever

Adrian Hernandez

Cecilia Carlsson randy?


I don't think American Football walked into the studio that day and said to themselves, "let's record the greatest song of all time..." -- but that's pretty much what they did.
Thanks guys. 702 plays and counting...

W.C. J.

The trumpet destroys me everytime, in the best way. Like it lift me high up into the sky and breaks my spirit into pieces... I feel myself falling slowly back to Earth


@Quinn Obropta That's what makes it charming and real. If it was perfectly played and heavily polished it just wouldn't be the same.

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