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GX1 Solo
The Tuss Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Tuss:

Last Rushup 10 I don't know - can I call you? It has to…

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there is a sequencer on the gx1!! I haven't read about it anywhere
else so now you know .
And you can actually change the parameters really easily while the
cartridges are plugged in!
Just stick up a list of all the parameters against numbers by your gx1
Then just adjust each one as required with a screwdriver.
If you select patch 10 on each of the synths then the cartridges at the
front can be reached easily ,after awhile you learn the numbers easily
like pwm is number 14 etc
Then you are programming the presets directly and do not need the tone
board or the programmer,decent.

You can feed any of the drum instruments to trigger the solo synth!
E.g every time the kick drum sounds or the Hihat etc the solo synth can
be triggered which actually gives you untold pattern possibilities if
you combine the drum pattern selectors.

Then you can either manually play the key you want with it being
triggered in sync.
Or just let it trigger automatically.
Also the same drum instrument pattern is fed into a s/h which in turn
can randomly select the pitch of the solo synth and the cut off
frequency of both filters, with varying amounts ,sliders for each.
Instant acid and from the 70`s!

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funky down

what if richard d. james is squarepusher and squarepusher is the tuss and aphex twin is jean michel jarre


could i have a printout of oyster smiling, please?


what if you fucking died




ffs youtube

Mr Marten


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That's where you're wrong - Aphex Twin recently revealed in an interview that this track, and several others scattered throughout his career, were actually composed by Portsmouth goalkeeper David James.

arabic godfather

classic david james track.


Lol same



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