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Conquest of Paradise
Vangelis Lyrics

Mm mm mm, mm mm mm mm mm
Mm mm mm, mm mm mm

Mm mm mm mm, mm mm mm mm mm
Mm mm mm, mm mm mm mm

Mm mm mm, mm mm mm mm mm
Mm mm mm, mm mm mm

Mm mm mm mm, mm mm mm mm mm
Mm mm mm, mm mm mm mm

In noreni per ipe
In noreni cora
Tira mine per ito
Ne domina

In noreni per ipe
In noreni cora
Tira mine per ito
Ne domina

In noreni per ipe
In noreni cora
Tira mine per ito
Ne domina

In romine tirmeno
Ne romine to fa
Imagine per meno per imentira

Mm mm mm, mm mm mm mm mm
Mm mm mm, mm mm mmmmm
Mm mm mm mm, mm mm mm mm mm
Mm mm mm, mm mm mmmmm
Mm mm mm, mm mm mmmmm
Mm mm mm, mm mm mmmmm

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Eva Aphrodite

FAREWELL Vangelis! 1943 - 2022
THANK YOU for everything you have given us.
You are immortal because your music is immortal.
All the Greeks are Proud of you!

Now you can officially CONQUEST PARADISE!

Rest in Peace.
Rest in Power.
Rest in Paradise.


Günter Angel

Cannot give you enough thumbs up.

It's mindboggling, by what silly categories of simple black and white thinking many contemporaries make a ultimate judgment about historic events , that took hundreds of years to happen .

And the simpler their knowledge ( mostly reduced to buzzwords like "genocide", "pestilence" and "greed" )the harsher and one-sided their judgment.

Fact is even the natives of today in Middle and South America live their lives mostly by the standards of Western European civilization mixed with some roots and traditions of their ancestors .
And I don't believe, they seriously regret that.
As they now have part in the technological progress and culture the Europeans brougtt to them , using smart-phones, modern medicine and automotives .

I can't imagine, they yearn to give all that away for living again in the ways of their ancestors !

And as you do, I see nothing wrong in the fact, that it was Christianty
,which many native Americans would adopt and convert to ,

not only by force , but today mostly with conviction and geniune deep faith,

that got the natives away from the most gruesome cults of sacrificing human beings in an absolutely disgusting and horrible manner .

What's wrong with that ?!
Isn't that something good the Europeans brought to America ?!
Or should Europeans be ashamed of it and should let the natives return to that form of "high cultute" again, only because Christianity was brought to them from outwards and must be something evil just because of that ?!

Without the past five centuries there wouldn't be all the modern states of Middle and South America of today.
Many people , who live there today, wouldn't even exit ,
since many have ancestors from both sides of the Atlantic in their bloodlines.

One cannot say, that one culture totally dissapeared, but this culture, the best of it, became one root of a new culture , which grew over the centuries , which is a complete new mixture of European and American heritages , which form the singular culture of these states today.

That is my humble opinion about this.

Why open new trenches beetween Europeans and Americans of today or inside the societies of the South- American states by constantly lamenting the dark aspects of historical events of a time long ago ? Cui bono ?

All comments from YouTube:

Ainda não sei!

I've been searching for this song for SO FUCKING LONG that I just cannot believe it finally found me. Right now I'm on the 3rd year of med school, and the first and only time I've heard it was about 15 years ago, on my cousin's medicine graduation. I didn't want to be a doctor back then, but I've really enjoyed the song. Many years later I've remembered this song and started looking for it... I REALLY tried my best and couldn't!!! Even after that, when I've finally realized I wanted to be a doctor, one of the first things my emotion brought to me was (guess what) this song. TRIED AGAIN AND FAILED!!!!!!

I am so FUCKING happy it finally found me!!!!!!!

Sahar Kamal

Sooooo amazing💪💪👏👏👏💪

Piranha fish and friends

RIP vangelis try Alexander soundtrack awesome

Tech Now

Well he's dead now.

Shaaz Suhail Salafi

@Arindam Adhikary did I comment it to you? In addition " do observe firstly what have I commented about" it's not about finding the song but something else if you aren't blind....

Lidija Alvir

Doctor,without dirty words,not a proper title!!!

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Maher .M

Vangelis is a self-taught musician who has never taken a single music lesson. He won an Academy Award in 1981 for the score for the film Chariots of Fire.

إياد عثمان

Wow 2022😔🌹❤️

Iza Jauhari

@TeaBaggins Excuse me, what do you mean about "them"? 🙏


Geniuses do not need amateurs to educate them

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