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Bonobo Lyrics

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I love how the prelude has different elements from some of the other tracks on the album.


1:22 that transition beat it's amazing

Michelle H.

This song is so beautiful! <3 from the transitions to the subtle melodies in the background.

Aaron Sullivan

First time I listened to Prelude I actually cried. That's how beautiful this is! :D


It's inspiring to me.

Bálint Szép

Indeed a truly brilliant piece of modern music. :)

Neeranjan Max

I agree man,this song makes me wanna cry

Nayla de Sá

Same here.

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Exe. Dist

I wanted that stringed portamento sound so much, I learned how to do it in Kontakt 5 using custom samples (the portamento wasn't straight forward), he only uses the portamento in the string section for certain notes, so you have to have many instances of Kontakt open at the same time to get the same effect. This song sounds really good on my 2.1 monitor setup! Great song.

L.v H.m


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