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M83 Lyrics

I'm the king of my own land
Facing tempests of dust, I'll fight until the end
Creatures of my dreams, raise up and dance with me
Now and forever
I'm your king

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jamal elghrib

I'm sorry for your loss
Unfortunately, your mother's time has come. Perhaps she suffered. Perhaps this bad experience made her see life in a different way, more clearly. She may have learned something from that experience, and she may have led to the truth of her life in the way of her suffering.
Or maybe not..
Perhaps she was aspiring to recover and start a new beginning and a better life...
Allah only knows. Allah decreed that this be the end of her journey

And yes, her time came. but not yours. There is no time for you to mourn for what has passed, nor time to listen to what may not enlighten you, perhaps the music may leave you living a sense of calm with it, or you will heighten the feeling of pain you need for a moment.

But then what? emptiness! Feeling of loneliness! Disorientation! Or it could be all...
a momentary pleasure that closes your eyes for seconds on the reality of our lives,this is the reality of the miserable material world in which we live. An illusory pleasure roams around you for a moment, to suddenly leave you hanging in the sky, and you fall directly and severely to the reality of your life...

This is not the life we should live, we have no other try. It's only one life
If you spend it on momentary pleasures (such as: music, movies, drugs...), without knowing the truth. You are wasting your most valuable thing, your life

Your time has not yet come. Find the truth of your world, find the purpose of existence, discover your mission, and live to fulfill your mission.
May allah guide me and you

Sorry *English is not my mother tongue


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William Kreth

M83 is so freaking good! they put so much emotion into their music. Thanks guys :) much love

michele domenicano


Elena Messina


Leonardo Consani

i love M83 bye from italia

Luffy King


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Philip P

The last human ever lived should play this as an outro for humanity as he finally passed

Manuel Silver chavez

I Will do, i promise, because this song is perfect to play in the end of the world.

sylvain pique

Correct !

Martin Smolárik

@Truth Matters your suggestions?

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