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I Ka Barra
Habib Koité & Bamada Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Habib Koité & Bamada:

Africa The sons of Africa wanted to walk An adventure that took…
Batoumambe A Batoumanbé wï koro Batoumanbé Ma bien aimée sirène A Batou…
Din Din Wo din din wo in na bemale di din wo in na bemale natata ki…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Habib Koité:

Africa The sons of Africa wanted to walk... An adventure that took…
Batoumambe A Batoumanbé wï koro Batoumanbé A Batoumanbé wï koro Batouma…
Cigarette Abana se de quien le gusta despertar feliz como cafe otros prefier…
Den Ko Ouuu tu vaàa Ou tu paasse La ou il y'a la guerre…
Imada I mada mada Ali nimi mada n'gné Moi je t'aime Kounou sogoma …
Kumbin Meeting Life, I love life But fear a world too similar Life,…
Namania I go to my little black girl My little Moorish girl…
Sirata Don kadian a sebalite Sira diangna a na ban dondola Koulou m…
Wari Tidiani nikomi mbaw kiye Bi don ka kailai ne ma Allakai iki…
Wassiye Wassiye wassiye ne la diya souro Wassiye den kourani dine ma…

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Comments from YouTube:

Cristiano Oliveira Amaro Ferreira

Although I am a Brazilian citizen, both this song as well (Habib Koite & Bamada - Din Din Wo (Little Child) STEREO) stirs my soul making my feelings and thoughts travel to the time of my African ancestors in a beautiful and free Africa.

Josif Abra

I heard it when I had my first laptop computer with Vista OS in 2008. I can say Habib Koyte congratulated me for having a laptop..


Hahahahahah omg yessss me too!!!


On my Sony Viao, I wanna cry lol.

Agunbiade Alabi

I heard it first on my Vista HP laptop too and I fell in love heavily

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Nikki valex

It's funny I had these songs on my laptop way back then but never bothered to listen to it. Until I decided to play 'em one day n since then I just loved both songs.
Amazing 👍

Charles Ugo

I can relate Hahahahahah. I found it loooolll

Carolina Rodriguez

Me too

Paul E. Marquis

@Silviu Rec
This is Not India singing.
He was born in Senegal 🇸🇳 a French West African Nation.
And sings in French, and Malinké, a language of Guinée, and Mali 🇲🇱

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