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Lorn Lyrics

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And bad dreams
In a cool world
Full of cruel things
Hang tight
All you
Nothing like a big bad bridge
To go burning through

And bad dreams
In a cool world
Full of cruel things
Hang tight
All you
Nothing like a big bad bridge
To go burning through

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Lorn's song "ACID RAIN" are cryptic and open to interpretation. The singer appears to be talking about a world that is full of difficulties and challenges, all of which seem to conspire to create a dark and difficult reality. The opening line of the song, "Daylight and bad dreams," suggests a contrast between the light of day and the terrors of the night. The cool world that the singer describes is one that is full of cruel things, suggesting a place that is inhospitable and hostile to human life.

The final line of each verse, "Nothing like a big bad bridge to go burning through," suggests that there is a way to cross over to the other side, but it requires a great deal of courage and a willingness to take risks. The image of the burning bridge is a powerful one, suggesting that the singer is willing to sacrifice everything to reach their goal. Overall, the lyrics of "ACID RAIN" are dark and brooding, reflecting a world that is full of uncertainty and danger.

Interesting facts about "ACID RAIN":

Interesting Facts
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Line by Line Meaning

The start of a new day, a time of light and new beginnings.

And bad dreams
Despite the optimism of a new day, past troubles and anxieties still linger.

In a cool world
The world is indifferent to the individual's suffering, existing beyond human experience.

Full of cruel things
The world is inherently harsh and unforgiving, with no regard for human life.

Hang tight
Hold on and persevere through the difficult times ahead.

All you
Everyone is included in the struggles of life, and must face them together.

Nothing like a big bad bridge
Metaphorical reference to a significant challenge that must be overcome.

To go burning through
To attack the challenge with ferocity and determination, burning through obstacles to success.

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Wise One

How Lorn made a sound from the deep dark depths of the abyss is amazing.

Edit: I made this comment specifically about Lorns deep, moody artistic style which can be found in all his productions. From this song, to 'Anvil,' to 'Timesink,' to 'Sega Sunset.'

Where he pulls from a depth of emotion that is visceral and moving.

I wasn't mentioning anything religious or kabbalistic, no. Nothing strange... no nonsense. Innocent comment.

This art is just real, raw emotion that we universally experience. Speaking to the ineffable transience of life, and the courageous acceptance of it.

SubSpace Scout

This is timeless & existential.

We’ll be watching this again many, many years from now and it’ll still feel the same way like the first time.

¿Remember the first time you saw this video?

Exactly, just like that.

LORN, you are a gift to us from The Musical Gods.
& we thank you.

All comments from YouTube:


You know it's a masterpiece when you can't even explain what you actually feel while listening it.

nicole campbell

Right? This song will always have a place in my heart because of this video!

trevor beeler

I know!!!!! It literally jus swims through my body. U can’t explain it. Almost like going into parallel universe. So moving beautiful touching vulnerable sad calming powerful God I could go on. All these things yet I still can’t explain to others!

Robert Dawson

So so so so true

Michael Kawecki

I feel utter terror

L' Arana

This video has always, always disturbed the hell out of me, but I absolutely adore it in some special way. I Even reached out to the main dancer to tell her how amazing I think this video is...

But by God, it IS eerie... 🥺🌺🥺

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I am an ICU doctor and I have seen many people fight for their life but eventually die. This dance echoes what I feel when I watch the strange fluctuation of fight, pain, fear, fading hope and ultimately a sadness but acceptance to go into the unknown.

Will troy

Incredible comment.  

For whatever reason, when I listen to this song and feel the music flow through my body, I feel like this is coming to in the doorway between life and death, and being in between both worlds, and deciding which one to step into. I wonder if Lorn was in this place when he created this. I've felt this way for years when listening to this song, and it's something to read your comment, coming from someone who has seen so many people in what sounds like this very place. Thank you for sharing stuffesen.

The mind and consciousness that created this music is amazing, I've never experienced anything like it. Different, but the same depth, to me anyway, is Noisia's "Tommy's Theme."

Lord Tippington the Wise - Atheist Knight of Le Reddit Gentlesirs

This was an amazing read. Thank you.


almost as if it's a Danse Macabre, some call it "dance macabre" , the last dance before it all goes to the unknown.

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