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Rodriguez Lyrics

'Cause I lost my job two weeks before Christmas
And I talked to Jesus at the sewer
And the Pope said it was none of his God-damned business
While the rain drank champagne

My Estonian Archangel came and got me wasted
'Cause the sweetest kiss I ever got is the one I've never tasted
Oh but they'll take their bonus pay to Molly McDonald,
Neon ladies, beauty is that which obeys, is bought or borrowed

'Cause my heart's become a crooked hotel full of rumors
But it's I who pays the rent for these fingered-face out-of-tuners
And I make sixteen solid half hour friendships every evening

'Cause your queen of hearts who is half a stone
And likes to laugh alone is always threatening you with leaving
Oh but they play those token games on Willy Thompson
And give a medal to replace the son of Mrs. Annie Johnson

'Cause they told me everybody's got to pay their dues
And I explained that I had overpaid them
So overdued I went to the company store
And the clerk there said that they had just been invaded
So I set sail in a teardrop and escaped beneath the doorsill

'Cause the smell of her perfume echoes in my head still
'Cause I see my people trying to drown the sun
In weekends of whiskey sours
'Cause how many times can you wake up in this comic book and plant flowers?

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I downloaded this on YouTube . But I'm going to buy his albums after watching the documentary on YouTube . I have to give that man his money

Shelley Street

This great song is not on his "Cold Fact" album, it's on his album "Coming from Reality" the only 2 albums he recorded, ~ it's also on his "At his best" album along with the song "Slip Away" I also have a live album~ Love this man, been listening to him for 35 yrs & never gets old.!!. BRILLIANT👌🏽🙏🏼 p.s~ he also toured here in Australia about 3yrs ago, he played in Brisbane & sadly I missed it 💫💖💫 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

cosmic cosmos sgim juoyg sai

Amen brother

Beth Moore-Love

I did the same, CoteDivoire!

Wayne Cowley

@Endis Bandage Searching for Sugarman

Wayne Cowley

@Chris B I don't recall his one and only album of the time (cold fact) being banned. I may be wrong but nearly everyone I knew had a copy. When I traded in my vinyl collection for cd's, one of the first I replaced was cold fact. I've been listening to it for the past 30+ years.

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Cause I see my people trying to drown the sun. In weekends of whiskey sours. This is real

Rodrigo Franco Orellana

@R. K. danmmmmm........

Glenna Redsky

Every word Sixto sings is real


Thank you South Africans for keeping this music alive.

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