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Jocelyn Flores
xxxtentacion Lyrics

I know you so well, so well
I mean, I can do anything that he can
I've been pretty

I know you're somewhere, somewhere
I've been trapped in my mind girl, just holding on
I don't wanna pretend there's something, we're nothing
I've been stuck thinking 'bout her, I can't hold back

I'm in pain, wanna put ten shots in my brain
I've been tripping 'bout some things, can't change
Suicidal, same time I'm tame
Picture this, in bed, get a phone call
Girl that you fucked with killed herself
That was this summer and nobody helped
And ever since then, man, I hate myself
Wanna fucking end it
All wanna see me with no pot to piss in
But niggas been excited 'bout the grave I'm digging
Having conversations about my haste decisions
Fucking sickening
At the same time, memory surfaced through the grapevine
'Bout my uncle playing with a slipknot
Post traumatic stress got me fucked up
Been fucked up since a couple months they had a nigga locked up

I be feeling pain, I be feeling pain just to hold on
And I don't feel the same, I'm so numb
I be feeling pain, I be feeling pain just to hold on
And I don't feel the same, I'm so numb

I know you so well, I know you well
I mean, I can do anything that he can
I've been pretty

Lyrics © CREATE MUSIC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Ciara Nicole Simms, Jahseh Onfroy

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


For the future generation "DONT FUCKING LET THIS GUYS SONGS DIE"
He caused a “riot”
He said people should “Look at me”
But after the tragedy of “Jocelyn Flores”
He made “changes”
He wanted to “Take A Step Back” from the music but returned
He used to say “Fuck love” , but then he changed his mind
He wanted everyone to have “Hope”
He knew people went through “Depression & obsession”
He wanted “Revenge” against death, which took his friend away
But he never got it, in reality all he actually wanted was “The remedy for a broken heart”
He wanted to raise awareness for horrible causes,because if he didn’t the awareness would be “Going Down”
He wanted people to be happy because he knew that “Everybody dies in their nightmares” ,so he wanted people to have happy dreams instead
He wanted everyone to sleep peacefully under the “Moonlight”
But now he is gone
And we all feel “SAD”
We also feel “BAD” because we
Underestimated him
He wanted to “Save Me” and everyone else
Now he is our “Guardian Angel”
Thank you XXXtentacion, you made me and billions of others happy

edit:Thank You Guys For 75 Likes

All comments from YouTube:


It’s a different experience when you’re driving in the rain

Carlos Crespo

@Jayden S. mell


I was hurt just a few weeks ago school has just been killing me but it finally went away but I still feel those things I miss her but only you can make your Destiny no one can help you do that


He drove into a tree lop it a joke



Daniel maijs

Im in a train atm

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Morri Mortalmente

A message to the next generations: Don't let this song die

is meee lol

True. (R.I.P XXX)

NTG Swifty

Why would you say that
It’s never gonna die❤️❤️

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