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One of Yours
Black Light Burns Lyrics

Sucker myself into believing that I'm doing the right thing
I think of your face, and I pretend that I'm not alone
I'm lining up all the love and the trust and the good things
But there's a hole in my heart where I once kept a piece of home

What if one of yours turned a color
You didn't mean for it to be?
And what if one of yours became another?
Would you hear it say:
Let me go
This isn't what I wanted, I can't be here anymore
Let me go
This isn't what I needed, I can't exist here anymore

I've been thinking about my money
And how I gave it all away
I've been thinking about the people
And how I should have never let 'em stay
I've been thinking about how I always have to write just one more song
Well, you know me, and that'll never change
But I meant well all along, and I was wrong


Replace the silence with deafening sound
Send away the people; I want no one around
This is my greatest mistake, I hope you realize
I die every time I look in your eyes



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Comments from YouTube:

Bruna Ferreira

Nossa,já faz 11 anos essa música ?
Como o tempo passa rápido


This song is highly underrated. One of my favs from BLB. ;)


that lead guitar in the chours is 100% Borland Style... one of my favorite songs on cruel melody... gotta love it

Maria del Mar Moreno

Promising band with so much potencial. Awesome album. Wes, better stay in BLB!!


love the ending of this song :) it's just awesome!

jesus larco

this song is so powerful to me, this song describes me, and it makes a lot of sense

Rullo, David

Best blb song! i love the guitar


each one of BLB songs makes a loto of sense. Sometimes you just need to know the real story to get it ;)


reminds me of trent reznor.. great song

nova lover

● This is like the only track i like outta probably maybe 15 songs ive heard. I never loved NIN so the sound wes is going for in his vocals is just not original or really feels true to me. I don't normally like "character" singing. So when you kinda salt those pitches in idk. I like this alot. But im not feeling black light burns.
I think he should have helped continue to grow limp bizkit when they dropped gold cobra and toured alot. Seems then he fell off. Loosing wes was like loosing brian head from korn. And the limp biscuits sound never suffered because I believe that when Limp Biszkit went through ups and downs with him more than once or twice. they actually stopped and did not progressed to make shitty Music.
Unlike Jonathan Davis and his going off on his own techno quest to ruin Korn's sound and reputation. Fred never did that. Well if you understand limp bizkit and what they brought to the table you'd agree. Sorry its come to this. All great things come to an end. Ill never forget listening to significant other on cassette tape in my moms 97 thunderbird and having my mind blown in 99.
I sure will never forget limp bizkit and what they did. And respect them for helping me get through some of the worst years of my life. I appreciate wes and his work as well. 2 sides to every story. So if this makes ya happy wes more power to ya. You're talent is still top notch.

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