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Hocus Pocus
Focus Lyrics

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Overall Meaning

The lyrics to Focus's song "Hocus Pocus" may seem nonsensical, but they actually serve to highlight the frenzied energy of the song itself. The repeated phrase "Joladadijoladadi" serves as a kind of mantra, inducing a hypnotic state that leads the listener to focus entirely on the wild and erratic guitar riffs that make up the bulk of the track. The "oooooh-oooooh" that comes at the end of the repeated phrase serves to build tension, as the listener waits for the next guitar solo to kick in.

Line by Line Meaning

This line has no specific meaning and is used as a joyful, energetic chant throughout the song.

This line is also a chant that emphasizes the enthusiastic and upbeat mood of the song.

Similar to the previous lines, this is also a chant that adds to the overall celebratory tone of the song.

Lyrics © THE MUSIC GOES ROUND, Peermusic Publishing
Written by: Jan Akkerman, Thijs Van Leer

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Comments from YouTube:

Mike Meehan

3 of the greatest guitar solos ever recorded. Jan Akkerman is legendary

cathy struska

I was 15 in 73, this?was The Best guitar solo I heard at that time. It still rocks.

Floppy & Fun Bogan

This is just epic! That riff is the truth and the solos phenomenal. It’s so odd and brilliant how the song is constructed. You ride that driving riff to the drums where you meet Thijs. Though it can be repetitive and predictable, it’s never boring. You get those solos, then whatever Thijs decides to bless you with and his offerings are unexpected yet fitting and fun. It is a jam fest rollercoaster ride of pure Rock and Roll. Don’t try too hard to wrap your head around it, man. It will just bust through.

Marty theMartian

I was 9 years old when I first heard this song, now I'm 52 and still love it (unlike so many other old songs). Truely brilliant.

David Reynolds

I was 10


Hey! Nice to hear you're 57!

Marty theMartian

@indianaliam1 You assume I'm still alive.
I think I am, but some mornings I'm not so sure ;)

Jedidiah Martin

Definitely one of the greatest lyricless rock tunes EVER.
I totally love that the singer channels the spirit of Popeye the Sailor Man at 2:40 and they do an AWESOME impersonation of Ian Anderson's rock-n-roll flute skillz at 4:19 8=]

Ahmed Ryan

Dont know if anyone gives a shit but if you guys are stoned like me during the covid times then you can stream all the new movies on instaflixxer. Have been streaming with my girlfriend for the last days xD

Landyn Byron

@Ahmed Ryan Definitely, I have been using Instaflixxer for years myself :D

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